What’s been happen in the gardens this week



Well I am slowly recovering from my trip in the garden over the weekend did not do to much yesterday just rested and chilled with David and the dogs

Just realized I had not written my about page on my WordPress blog which I have done now


Still very warm indeed still a bit sore and does not help when kind hubby keeps telling me to rest   so nothing is getting done apart from watering the greenhouse and pots and containers

Dogs are being sensible and staying indoors


Last night I had a fly come close to my eye while eating a hotdog scared me but getting over it now

Slight inflamed this morning  but I am sure it will go down



Had a lovely talk and slide show with the title road to Gold from Peter Skeggs-Gooch


Plus on the 26 of STEPTEMBER Going to local nursery called The Walnut tree Garden Nursery being kindly taken by Cherry Cummingham


I can hear the thunderstorms but no rain yet

Had a couple of claps of thunder during the night as well



Last Night we had a lovely thunder and lighting with rain which did the garden lovely and the plants seem to be doing the happy dance this morning we meant for some more rain so I might try and put some plants in so if it dose rain they will get a good drink


Just planted some purple zinnia’s

Then went for a drive to Hemsbey with David and his younger brother and his family as they kindly picked me up on route

The wind has knocked my Hollyhocks about during the night

I see if I can tie them up a bit or trim them


Norfolk Master Composters – Social Evening with Chris Collins

Monday, 30 July 2018 18:45 – 21:00

Had a fab evening at County Hall with the Master Composters and a fab talk by Chris Collins and a big thank you to Jean Rochford for kindly picking me up


A friend’s recipe for shortcake


Red and Blackcurrant Shortcake

Prep Time

30 mins

Cook Time

30 mins

Total Time

1 hr


Course: Dessert

Servings: 12

Author: Cath


350 g plain, white flour

250 g vegan margarine or spread

120 g golden granulated sugar

3 tsp ground cardamom

60 g ground almonds

A pinch salt

300 g redcurrants and blackcurrants cleaned and desprigged


Pre-heat oven to 180 celsius (350F or Gas Mark 4)


Sieve flour into big bowl and add a pinch of salt


Add margarine and rub in until it resembles breadcrumbs


Add ground cardamom seeds (the little brown and black very hard seeds inside the pods) and sugar  and amalgamate well


Press half the mixture into the bottom of a 8 or 9 inch cake or tart tin (preferably with a loose bottom) greased and lined with parchment or greaseproof paper and lightly prick with a fork


Put in the oven for 10 minutes and then remove


Pour a mixture of red and black currants onto cooked shortbread base


Add ground almonds to remainder of shortbread mixture and mix well before pressing evenly on top of currants


Put whole thing back into the oven for another 15 – 20 minutes until golden brown


Remove and leave on rack to cool – mark out into slices and eat


Spent the afternoon painting my old labels ready for next season

Another nice day again hoping to get some plants planted if I can before it gets to warm if possible

A very good friend called Marina kindly sent me another lovely mixed package of veg and flower and herb seeds  which I am very grateful indeed later I might sort them out into like salad so that would be (toms spring onions lettuce beetroot radish) just for an example .


Going to be another warm day again today

Got to try and get outside but once David is up I must stay indoors then do my computer work or knit or watch tv but never mind

Stay save in this warm weather we are having

What’s been happen in the gardens this week



Blue skies this morning talk of rain later so the weather folk say watch this space, so they say

I started to start trimming the parts the hedge cutter could not do by hand with my flower secateurs and stated looking at the plum tree that needs a small prune



Grey skies I open all the compost bins lids ready for the rain we meant to be getting as rain water is better than tap water

I soaked some rolls that had gone rock hard and gave them to the birds the black bird was the first one to visit the side feeder shortly after I put it in there.

Final finished trimming the hedge all I got to do s pick it up when next weeding


I just cut one of my comfrey plants and taken some leaves to dry ready for making powder or granules for feeding plants





The sun is out with some could at present not sure what I am doing today as yet garden wise open greenhouse  and that’s all so far

Well I have crumbled my comfrey leaves and put them back into the greenhouse to finish of drying then will put in a jar

just picked some raspberries and some peaches I do not think the peaches are quite ready so will do some Reacher on line



Well David called into the Norfolk and Norwich hospital on his way home last night as was in major pain in one of his arms since being in Queen Elizabeth Hospital 2 weeks ago

Open the greenhouse and not a lot else at present

Please to say David is home now and with strong painkillers to take


Still no rain yet got to tie up my cucumber plant in the greenhouse but have not done it yet

I have been outside into the greenhouse and potted one chilli plant, one salad pepper, and the cucumber plant I have 3 Alicante tomatoes to stake and pot up soon but running out of bamboo canes may be get them done tomorrow hopefully




i had a fall over the weekend  sore but ok

What’s been happen in the gardens this week





Well last night David was admitted to hospital hoping they can sort him out and stop him from being unwell, but he is in the best place, but I miss him madly

Garden wise

Apart from cleaning up from the dogs not a lot has been going on today and filling up bird baths.

Very hot and sticky a little breeze, not sure when we will get any rain fall in our region or anywhere for that matter.


Well nice blue skies again just opened the greenhouse and watered the plants

Not sure what I will be doing at present apart from another coffee I think.

Very happy to say first signs of my edible lupins are coming up so happy


We meant to be getting some rain but not sure when blue skies now


Grey skies this morning not sure what I am going to do hoping to get my motivation back

I put a cardigan on as I feel that cold still have sore throat

Made honey and lemon drink and we see how that goes

Please to say my David is back home out of hospital for now

Let’s hope he dose not have to go back in again.



My neighbour kindly trimmed my hedge last night there a little bit he could not reach but I can do that with my hand shears as he did it all from his side of the garden

It’s overcast this morning thought we were going to get some rain, but it was very fine rain and did not lead to much



I have not open my package from Bubble house worms that came to day but will shortly and take photo’s of it


Grey skies this morning some of the worms wanted out of their new home so covered them with some more soil from underneath my grass clippings  so hopeful they will start to burrow down then came up once I feed them next week





Greyish skies this morning, hoping to clear the garden up this morning as left it for 3 days now just had not the energy with in me still got the clippings to rake up as well from my kind neighbour doing the hedge for me the other night.



Blue skies this morning just waiting for David to get up, so we can have breakfast then I try and rake up the clippings.

Instead we went to Ely Cathedral which was lovely


Clean up after dogs, blue skies again washing on line

And started the raking up of the hedge clippings  as well which w

What’s been happen in the gardens this week



Lovely blue skies and warm went to a couple of summer fates and picked up some bargains

Then went to a Cancer Charity Bingo at the village hall and won on a full house Nail kit and some lovely smell kit with sticks that you turn each day and Raffle prize a small fruit hamper

Was nice relaxing with David even here liked the bingo 2nd time we had been the other one was in Dereham in a local school



Had a relaxing day with David making the most of these weekends now he is back at work praise God

Starting a pineapple  challenge again to see if I can grow one  it came in my raffle fruit hamper yesterday



Lovely sunshine again lots to try and do if I can still be looking for gaps where I can put some plants and as they are come and come again flowers it will be nice and hopefully keep the weeds down at the same time

Just planted a laurel purple one down the bottom off the back garden and found a rope lead while digging the hole.

Put water in the hole first then a little more on top once planted

Just potted on 3 Alicante Tomato’s I put a cut up banana skin in the bottom of the pots and see what happens

Clean up after the dogs 2 days’ worth mind.



The sun is out already open greenhouse will be opening my last bag of compost today so hopefully will get some at the weekend for starting seeds and plants I like to use my homemade for the borders but waiting for my ankle to get better before putting more pressure on.


Just planted one off my earlier rhubarbs I sowed this year


Just snipped some baby spider plants off and put in some water to start rooting of one of my mother plants have 3 mother plants and will have to do the same to them soon

Just washed some pots up from plants that were not growing after potting on so will put them under the potting bench ready for when I do some more trying to clear the plants I have first.




Lovely blue skies again already opened the greenhouse think I will go and do some planting in the front garden before it gets to hot lots planed

Planted two comfrey plants,  some Zinnias, and one the other side some lupins and larkspur plants  ground is rock hard nearly did my hand in digging the hole




I had a few changes in the greenhouse this morning and might sow some seeds in the morning as getting tied  plus hands starting to hurt from earlier when planted some plants out




Blue skies again greenhouse open got one or two things to pot on today might film in their or just take photo’s we will see just hosed down the greenhouse and misted all the plants got my first flower on one of my cucumbers in the greenhouse






Well it a bit cooler this morning so got back door closed at present greenhouse opened watered the front pots and my newly planted plants to give them a chance


What’s been happen in the gardens this week



After breakfast the back and front garden lawns were mowed and it looks lovely now our lawnmower is tricky to start so David will not me use it.



Just sorted some plants to go to the plant stall for our flower show this afternoon but take then down in the morning ready.

Then I be tackling Japeries knot weed to stop it going over my blueberries



Another lovely sunny day again going to see what plants I can plant outside and tidy up my greenhouse


Lovely sunny day again this morning hopefully I will get some more things planted to day just opened the greenhouse.

Just taken  my first Garlic out of my hanging baskets not bad for first attempt of growing them



Started of cooler this morning but getting warmer and blue skies, got a bit of de heading to do today on some of the flowers in the garden



homemade bagels.




4 Cups Flour

1 Tbsp. Sugar

1.5 Tsp. Salt

1 Tbsp. Oil

2 Tsp. Yeast

1.25 – 1.5 Cups Warm Water


Make dough and cut into 8 equal parts.  Let them rest for 15-20 minutes.  Shape them into bagels and let them rest again for 20 minutes.


While they are resting bring a pot of water to a boil.  After 20 minutes boil the bagels for 1 minute on each side and them bake at 425 degrees for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes flip and bake for another 5 minutes.


Now to do some cleaning up after the dogs

I have picked some gooseberries and some cut and come again lettuce this afternoon you will see the photos in slide show when I put it up at the weekend been quite busy so might have a rest tomorrow deepens as out in the afternoon at garden club



Well the sun is out blue skies resting this morning but might go and do some potting on and open the greenhouse





Well yesterday I ordered some more labels and the plant pots that you put straight into the ground from

They have a lovely range of items

I did get some wooden ones that came the other day

From eBay

Not so warm this morning but I am sure it will warm up later

Planted 3 petunia’s a normal lupin and 2 loosestrife plants


I finally got around to sowing my edible lupins re potted my cucumber’s one out side, potted to wallflowers to help with pollination and might put some celery in?

Well I have planted 3 Celery and 3 pansies’

One in the green house and potted on one melon that in the green house.

Moved the laurel purple one outside ready for tomorrow


Blessings and enjoy your gardens or allotments



What’s been happen in the gardens this week



Grey skies this morning not sure what I am doing as yet

But will let you know when I do.


Well I have pinned the strawberry runners not sure what I will do if I get any more as I do not want to lose any this year unlike last year



Well grey skies this morning and some wind I looked at my first trail using coke to see if the snails and slugs would take a dip doing this in conduction with Garden Organics



Here you can just about see snail and slug using coke

Here are some photos of garden pink poppies and beetroot and rhubarb seedlings  first year of growing rhubarb this is 2nd sowing  of them

Friday and Saturday

We went to visit David parents and I brought a new shrub for ether the front or back garden well David paid along with some roses

Well I got some shrubs to tie up in the back garden one being the comfrey it leaning forwards again never mind will be taking a cutting of it soon so it can bounce back again

Not very warm today but might brighten up later


Brought some runner beans called Evorma Elite when I planted them I put a wallflower in the middle of my canes called Scarlet Bedder and some tomatoes as well

Brought a Purple Laurel have not planted it as yet may be tomorrow




it’s been dully and damp today so not much gardening done but had watered the greenhouse with hose pipe as my water butt empty

did notice Zinnia called purple prince good for insects


Making labels for the Zinnia’s

Watered the plants in the green house


Having coffee and trying to work out what to do for tea to night plus what gardening jobs to do a bit stuck on that one house is so quite since David started work again

Don’t get me wrong it nice having him back at work as I can do things in my time  as I was becoming a couch person watching TV.



First time making from GREEK YOGURT turn it in to Greek cheese just strain all the whey out of it very yummy


Crackers with Greek cheese

Cleaned the garden up from the dogs

Just planted evergreen shrub CEANOTHUS REPENS

Lovely blue flowers and bees love it



Out this afternoon at a Master Composter work shop


First one I been to looking forward to it

Taking banana tea with me and just made up rhubarb juice which you make out of the leaves boil in saucepan or microwave jug and it good for getting rid of black fly just like washing up ligiid dose we had 17 come to our workshop I talked for a few minutes about my self and the fact you’re always learning something new in the world of composting



Well not so hot today but plan to do pot on the zinnias today and I might have a go at trying to cut the hedge ?

beer trap week two

Tried using my shares but not sharp enough to do the hedge the back one never minds have to wait for the expert David to do it




just planted 2 chrysanthemum and 1 wallflower just now while my black coffee was cooling down

also sorting out some plants for Sunday for the flower show plant stall


Best Farmer’s Market Banana Bread

(Makes 2 loaves)



3.5 cups flour

2.5 cups sugar

2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

4 eggs

1 cup oil

1/2 cup milk

2 tsp vanilla

2 cups mashed banana


Combine all dry ingredients.  In a separate bowl, combine all wet ingredients.  Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients and stir until well combined. Pour into 2 bread pans sprayed with oil.


Bake at 325F for about 1 hour and 20 minutes.









enjoy your weekend  and have a blessed one