What’s been happen in the gardens this week

Well the house is as complete as can be now we tidied the garage/shed up, but I got to sort my side out a bit more, so I can start sowing seeds extra but hard when not a lot of light in there to start with.


Thinking of putting the roses in along this fence between our next-door neighbor going to sort his bush out as it is coming through to our garden

I will be sowing some grass seed or meadow mix

Once I found some slabs or brinks might work

Had a lovely walk round a local garden centre this morning

Before going in to Keith

It was lovely we picked up some new birdseed feeder and a fat ball one as while as the seed and fat balls

I am taking it slowly as Sean is always saying on his you tube Channel


Well it Christmas week and I still have not put my roses along the fence but will birds our enjoying the food we are putting out for them

Well the other day I opened an email to say I won a competition and had won this book it in the post as I type but took a photo of it


I will be getting from Sean James Cameron – Diary of a UK Gardener

Christmas present

quilling beginners set from David and the dogs

What’s been happen in the gardens this week

Well we will be moving to Scotland have not got the day yet, but local council was not able to find anywhere for us, but lucky David’s sister’s daughter was able to find us somewhere once we know more, we will let you know


I am sure the dogs will enjoy it once we are up there plus it’s a fresh start

Will be leaving family and friends behind, but we can keep in contact by phone and letters

I have not restarted packing yet ether in the garden or greenhouse or house it’s getting frustrating, we got some quotes from van hire company’s,






Well I was feeling under the weather last night so went to bed early before 6pm with a hot lemon and honey felt a little bit better we are waiting for a phone call on Friday to see if we can stay after the 5 of December but not holding much out

Raining this morning dogs not happy as will not go out in the rain especial our Hattie but never mind

Still looking

I am very happy to say we have found our new home and garden waiting for full address but it in a village just outside Keith in Scotland  the brown door


Well we packed all our items into the lorry and left arrived early ours the next morning to our new home

Still unpacking some boxes

Lovely large garden the dogs love it even found small Christmas tree type thing in garden so have put it into in a pot for now then will plant out into the garden

Yesterday David worked on the shed stroke garage one side will  be my temporary potting shed and the other side David’s and at night-time the car as well








Well that’s all for now have a blessed week

What’s been happen in the gardens this week

Wednesday 31st of October 2018

It s our anniversary today and the dogs and David kindly got me some nice present and useful at the same time


Which I am very please with them

Went for my Asthma review yesterday which I forgot to mention


Thursday 1st of November 2018

Been a very raining day so indoor work being done like cleaning etc,

Have not been in green house so far but must still waiting on letter from the landlord but has not arrived yet.


Dogs fed up with the rain today as we do not have the door open all day like we do in the summer


Friday 2nd of November 2018

Been a lovely blue sky no rain today which nice dogs is are fine been knitting a shawl Patten in my head trying to get things of my needles if I can before take on major projects

Like cardigan for David and a friend Julie Parry

Still no news on when we will be moving out of here but will let you know in due cause.

Saturday 3rd

Grey skies this morning winter flu jabs later today I do not like needles that come with them nor the blood ones so I just close my eyes

Dogs are fine had our flu jabs then walked around the town of Swaffham picked some wool up to go with shawl and two jumpers one Christmas and a plain white one David got me a hand knitted red and white bobble hat bones for the dogs.


We both treated ourselves to a magazine each THE FIELD for David and I got Let’s knit with some wool and pamphlet with soft toy knitting patens on it like dasher.



Grey skies again  this morning  might start some knitting after breakfast on a soft toy but finish some on needles while waiting, did a small amount of cleaning up in the garden



Cleaned some more of the garden up put some pots into the greenhouse for winter and until we move pleased to say my blueberries have taken so have two more growing now

Not sure about the roes cuttings I took but they can take up to a year I believe?  And watered in their two



Blue skies at present outside not sure what we will be doing today at present David tided the craft room/spare room out   I ran out of some brown wool that I was using for Rudolph’s legs need only one more to make I will get it sorted photo


Raining at present outside apart from knitting might be resting as we worked quite hard yesterday.

Me cleaning downstairs while David did upstairs




Well done the normal coffee fed dogs put washing on line meant to be a nice day to day fingers cross as would like all the washing dry



Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Well it been raining on and off all weekend

On Saturday I made my first poppy


Fill very please with my first attempt at making one means a lot not good at crochet yet but will try soon

Dogs are fine still looking for new home and garden


Walked the dogs round the field in the afternoon


Useful way of making reusable food covers paper bin liner


mainly rested had a meeting with our link worker this afternoon and they said I should apply as well so phone up after Phil went and waiting for it to arrive now

we still slowly packing garden and home up  but not knowing when or were we will be going is making me worry a little.


Going to Dereham today   so not a lot will be done to day

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Not a lot has been happen still looking for a new home and garden which has been getting me down but hopeful things will get better


What’s been happen in the gardens this week

Well I had to rest due to an infection in my eye so no gardening or anything else at present hence no post so far

Eye is still weepy, but I am getting there.

Dogs are fine a bit confused with David being home during the week days but can take them for the odd walk on the field now his arm is slowly getting better

Apart from cleaning up after the dog’s unit Monday when we know if we can stay or not in this home we currently in

But deep down I think we will have to move.


So I have not been doing a lot of gardening to be honest with you as david dose not see the point but will do a few photo’s as I pack up the garden with the plants that I would like to take to the new home.

Well we were given 14 days to try and find a new home   if not they will send the bailiffs in so praying hard we will find some were to go to soon


Well I dug up a palm bush/plant and when trimming the roots put a small clump of roots into another small pot to see if I can grow another one. And  dug up the blueberries bush only in mufti compost for now but will give it the right compost once we have moved and took a cutting to try and make another one which is in the greenhouse waiting for me to pot up in soil

Well to day o dug up my camellia and a pink rose I believe called handle

Yesterday we did some indoor packing of stuff upstairs


Well we have 12 days left before we are out of this home still not a hundred present know were we are moving to as yet I be digging up my pear and apple that I grew from seed and maybe the peach tree then I change the greenhouse round to keep it in there once we moved and found somewhere to go


I trying to leave everything with God not always easy but doing my best to take the stress away we have another meeting on Friday at 9.30 am

I put my Camilla into the greenhouse for winter will be putting my peach into the greenhouse when we move but finding a bag for it for now

Will be making leaf mould when I moved but might start now and take some in bags when we move

Well I have a composting and Facebook friend from Norwich coming to give me a hand to dig some plants and 3 trees up this afternoon

We dug up my apple and pear that I grow from seed and the rest of the roes in the back garden and two from the front garden as one has died believe it Chania Lady a yellow flower

Have a good week until  next time

What’s been happen in the gardens this week



Well I am just blocking Logan’s jumper before sewing it up now about to start his hat still to hot to garden at present

Hat is coming along nicely at present well it been to hot to be outside but now it is getting cooler I can at least try and weed and put a plant were the weeds were hopefully


I have some beans that grown for the first time brought from a yard sale to finish growing on but might try my own next year. I picked some yesterday there was only 5 so put in our casserole last night with a jacket spud was very nice indeed


Watch an old edible garden the other night which has given me some ideas

The rain has been very welcome for the garden  light rain this morning again must say the garden is getting slightly neglected at present  but hoping to get back on top of it soon .




It was lovely yesterday spending time in the greenhouse clearing dead plants that had died

I potted on a melon plant my other one had died, have new flowers on my indoor cucumber need to tie the one up in the front garden planted some shop brought spuds that had sprouted in to a old compost bad and fill it with straw and we will see if they grow in time for Christmas?


I been knitting hats when it been raining

Went out into the greenhouse this morning sowed two lemon basil and 2 coriander or cilantro as Americans call it  tied up an outdoor cucumber before lunch was surprised it got some fruit on it will give it a feed of organic food


Yesterday I sowed some little gem lettuce and some Christmas tree seeds not sure if they will germinate but it fun trying to see grey clouds at present having first morning coffee of the day back door is open for the dogs must try and clear up after the dogs this morning


Well managed to clean up after the dogs yesterday Monday

As David invited his ex-work mate and her daughter over for the day and I did a bit of weeding in the back garden must get to do the front garden at some point

It sunny this afternoon my leg is hurting but will try and do some think in the garden  even if it just harvesting  the plums and cleaning up after the dogs


Yesterday was our monthly garden club meeting and we are having a lovely talk about bees very interesting took some photo on my mobile just uploading them now

The things you can plant for all pollinators are poppies, lavenders,  open front flowers hollyhocks  alliums


by the way which do you like daily headings or as it is now? please and thank you


Took some time out to spend with david over this bank holiday which was nice


As much as I love my garden I am thinking of taking a step back on this plot I be emptying my compost bins as their will be lighter to stack up on top each other. For now

David and I have been talking we not getting any younger, so we think it time to look for a cottage or bungalow that allows dogs as we have 3 as you know as they will not have stairs in them.

Will be digging some things up like my mothering laws rose’s   and my apple and pear i grow from seed but it depends on whats in the new garden already  and the blueberry plant and my dead looking strawberries



What’s been happen in the gardens this week



Well I am slowly recovering from my trip in the garden over the weekend did not do to much yesterday just rested and chilled with David and the dogs

Just realized I had not written my about page on my WordPress blog which I have done now


Still very warm indeed still a bit sore and does not help when kind hubby keeps telling me to rest   so nothing is getting done apart from watering the greenhouse and pots and containers

Dogs are being sensible and staying indoors


Last night I had a fly come close to my eye while eating a hotdog scared me but getting over it now

Slight inflamed this morning  but I am sure it will go down



Had a lovely talk and slide show with the title road to Gold from Peter Skeggs-Gooch


Plus on the 26 of STEPTEMBER Going to local nursery called The Walnut tree Garden Nursery being kindly taken by Cherry Cummingham


I can hear the thunderstorms but no rain yet

Had a couple of claps of thunder during the night as well



Last Night we had a lovely thunder and lighting with rain which did the garden lovely and the plants seem to be doing the happy dance this morning we meant for some more rain so I might try and put some plants in so if it dose rain they will get a good drink


Just planted some purple zinnia’s

Then went for a drive to Hemsbey with David and his younger brother and his family as they kindly picked me up on route

The wind has knocked my Hollyhocks about during the night

I see if I can tie them up a bit or trim them


Norfolk Master Composters – Social Evening with Chris Collins

Monday, 30 July 2018 18:45 – 21:00

Had a fab evening at County Hall with the Master Composters and a fab talk by Chris Collins and a big thank you to Jean Rochford for kindly picking me up


A friend’s recipe for shortcake


Red and Blackcurrant Shortcake

Prep Time

30 mins

Cook Time

30 mins

Total Time

1 hr


Course: Dessert

Servings: 12

Author: Cath


350 g plain, white flour

250 g vegan margarine or spread

120 g golden granulated sugar

3 tsp ground cardamom

60 g ground almonds

A pinch salt

300 g redcurrants and blackcurrants cleaned and desprigged


Pre-heat oven to 180 celsius (350F or Gas Mark 4)


Sieve flour into big bowl and add a pinch of salt


Add margarine and rub in until it resembles breadcrumbs


Add ground cardamom seeds (the little brown and black very hard seeds inside the pods) and sugar  and amalgamate well


Press half the mixture into the bottom of a 8 or 9 inch cake or tart tin (preferably with a loose bottom) greased and lined with parchment or greaseproof paper and lightly prick with a fork


Put in the oven for 10 minutes and then remove


Pour a mixture of red and black currants onto cooked shortbread base


Add ground almonds to remainder of shortbread mixture and mix well before pressing evenly on top of currants


Put whole thing back into the oven for another 15 – 20 minutes until golden brown


Remove and leave on rack to cool – mark out into slices and eat


Spent the afternoon painting my old labels ready for next season

Another nice day again hoping to get some plants planted if I can before it gets to warm if possible

A very good friend called Marina kindly sent me another lovely mixed package of veg and flower and herb seeds  which I am very grateful indeed later I might sort them out into like salad so that would be (toms spring onions lettuce beetroot radish) just for an example .


Going to be another warm day again today

Got to try and get outside but once David is up I must stay indoors then do my computer work or knit or watch tv but never mind

Stay save in this warm weather we are having

What’s been happen in the gardens this week



Blue skies this morning talk of rain later so the weather folk say watch this space, so they say

I started to start trimming the parts the hedge cutter could not do by hand with my flower secateurs and stated looking at the plum tree that needs a small prune



Grey skies I open all the compost bins lids ready for the rain we meant to be getting as rain water is better than tap water

I soaked some rolls that had gone rock hard and gave them to the birds the black bird was the first one to visit the side feeder shortly after I put it in there.

Final finished trimming the hedge all I got to do s pick it up when next weeding


I just cut one of my comfrey plants and taken some leaves to dry ready for making powder or granules for feeding plants





The sun is out with some could at present not sure what I am doing today as yet garden wise open greenhouse  and that’s all so far

Well I have crumbled my comfrey leaves and put them back into the greenhouse to finish of drying then will put in a jar

just picked some raspberries and some peaches I do not think the peaches are quite ready so will do some Reacher on line



Well David called into the Norfolk and Norwich hospital on his way home last night as was in major pain in one of his arms since being in Queen Elizabeth Hospital 2 weeks ago

Open the greenhouse and not a lot else at present

Please to say David is home now and with strong painkillers to take


Still no rain yet got to tie up my cucumber plant in the greenhouse but have not done it yet

I have been outside into the greenhouse and potted one chilli plant, one salad pepper, and the cucumber plant I have 3 Alicante tomatoes to stake and pot up soon but running out of bamboo canes may be get them done tomorrow hopefully




i had a fall over the weekend  sore but ok