Why you might ask well my landlord does not like wildflowers

so the other day i had a note through the door asking for them to be moved

I had started trying to move the grasses only  but that was not good enough

so here is the border before I had started




So not sure what to do now  as not sure what would be best to do apart from putting  black sacks or membrane down the grown is very hard still to dig

have a blessed week and enjoy your gardens

Weekend update


Well the weather was just too hot for doing anything so we just chilled and tried to keep the dogs cool so yesterday I managed to clean up after the dog’s water the back and greenhouse and filled the water baths and pond up again as it was completely empty so for quickness I used the hose pipe as we did have a toad in there.

Well I have soaked my Himalayan Blue Poppy seeds that I was given for my birthday you put them on a damp kitchen towel and place in your salad draw of fridge for six weeks.



I did the same method but not in the fridge just on a window sill with my all year-round cauliflower seeds   and lavender seeds as trying to grow in soil did not work and will also do that for my Purple Loosestrife and see if I have any more luck as I love them along with the bees and butterflies do.


As typing this I am listening to classical FM really nice for a change and hearing all the birds as well now that I have my hearing aid only in one ear but the change it has made is amazing.

























Weekend round up


Well we managed to put wire up on the back fence to train my trees and bushes hopefully I still have the raspberry bed to weed and tie in hopefully get this done this week things growing on in the greenhouse still not sure whether to place some outside or not?


What are your thoughts?


Will be adding some video footage of front garden flowers and a cat not ours that likes lard never new that one before.