What’s been happening in the garden and greenhouse


Well I have sown some seeds this afternoon

Not many of each of the seeds but here with out photos

Are @ white Lisbon onions

@ramrod spring onions

@ butter crunch lettuce

And 4 green globe artichokes


So far have other things already slowly growing in the greenhouse


We got these over the weekend but I going to see if I can grow these or get some seeds their called jumbo salad onions

So far, I have trimmed the bottoms of and placed in small bit of water

I let you know how I get on with this project


IMG_1663 (1)



I planted some small potatoes this morning took small video of me doing it






















Indoor plants and greenhouse

I just change the nesting ball taken out all the white stuff and put grass clippings into it

IMG_1658 (1)

The birds have already eaten the lard I put out   I clean up after the dogs still very cold out there at present greenhouse fine but seem to be losing my strawberries not sure why forgot to take my camera with me never mind

I potted up some Sweet Williams in a pot got some also in single pots ready for next spring. To plant out

Still got my blue poppy seeds in the freezer I have one in green leaves at present just waiting for roots to come out at bottom then I pot it into another pot not sure where I will plant it when it big enough to go out s

My basil looks sad but might put them into small pots what would your advice be please and thank you.




















Still very tired but grateful the back garden and front grass got mowed yesterday

I hope you enjoyed the video’s yesterday  was too tired to type still am going to make a coffee black of causes

my eye is still very sore but  i could only open one eye yesterday  hence was not feeling well enough for Church and got up late so the window in the weather was just right for a joint effort to help each other in the garden

we tired the dogs out as they enjoy playing ball and just running around  with each other .

we moved the T bar feeder as it fell over and zipped tied it to the green fence plus i only have the top and the side to fill up


And no chance of me falling over  as were it was before I often did  as their is a hidden deep in the ground which you can not see.

we moved the raised bed to in the middle of the raspberry bed


still needs a tidy up and filling the raised bed up and tying the canes in we also moved my container garden to the end of the garden


all sorts from sage to mint, strawberries theirs even fruit forming on them

Thank you for stopping by happy growing  from us all