About Me

I have been married nearly 10 years now with my darling husband David and we have 3 loveable dogs 2 girls and 1 boy and when filming in the garden especial in the back garden as dogs remain in back and not in the front garden

This is a journey of growing vegetable and fruit trees bushes and flowers we have a large pond which is an old bath tub we have frogs in the bottom of but have not seen them since we put them in the pond

I try my best to be an Organic Gardner were possible do not like using non-natural things in the garden like slug items etc

I would recommend comfrey and nettle plants, so you can make teas or use as a mulch if possible you can all so use banana peels, and rhubarb leaves with washing up liquid to stop black fly Oregon and olive oil to treat my fruit trees with and worm tea as well.