What’s been happen in the gardens this week




Well the sun’s come out today the last couple of days it been raining and dull so I might do some weeding of some weeds that I do not want in my growing area?

Certainly, learning about putting wood over seeds you have sown to help germinate which I never done before but will try

While we were shopping, we brought a hanging basket that had Strawberry (Elsanta)along with some compost bags



It meant to rain this afternoon so I have planted up one of my tires with sweetcorn Incredible F1 and also planted out 2 green courgettes and one lemona which is a yellow one  might see about potting on the other 4 upstairs in the spare bedroom the only place I will  take 6 of my gardeners delight upstairs as well I had left them in the shed /garage and not a lot of light in there so think I lost the 36 or so I had  may be God will be kind and help them pull through fingers cross

moved the cucumbers upstairs this morning and one chili and I celeriac as well

just went to look at the tray of (gardeners delight ) not one is showing it tiny head now might bring 6 in and put a lid on and see if I can bring them back to live and sow some different ones what this space



Luckily, I found 13 more seeds of Gardner’s Delight tomatoes so have re sown them and fingers cross these will germinate

We got the swing seat out yesterday and I made a temporary table with 4 tires and a pallet for our seating area

Moved some planters about  as well photos taken



In the pots in the gaps of the pallet are the

Sunflower Asian Sunflower Giant Single and Nasturtium Gleam Mixed & 2 pots of Radish Scarlet Globe



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