What’s been happen in the gardens this week


Well I managed to get the cucumbers potted on yesterday after watching some TV and You Tube you get some nice ideas and apart from that friendship as well.

Have not done too much gardening over the last couple of days still trying to plan the garden very slowly because it’s keeps raining fed the worms to day

Well had six tires arrived last afternoon and I will use them as containers ether double or single photo shortly to follow

Well I poo picked this morning and looked at what things are growing my daffs were slightly behind my neighbors but are coming out now.


Well it’s raining this morning  which will do the garden good

I just sowed 3 different flowers poppy black beauty and saliva for the bees and butterflies and cosmos pinkie and potted on the one and only chill plant that germinated plus another six tires arrived this morning as well.



Well it’s raining today and we have one of our kitchen herbs up which is Dill nice surprise this morning the weather  folk say it will keep raining up until Friday so no gardening for me over the next couple of days might sow some seeds in the dark shed were I cannot use my camera as it’s just to dark and we have no lighting in there.

raining again and sleeting as well

I watched Britain in bloom last night and found out that you can tie dye and make mares tail tea with it did anyone else know that?

Well yesterday I sowed some alpine strawberry’s never sown before and some Marjoram (herb) and radish scarlet globe pleased to say some seeds in the garden have started to show their heads now which is nice to see when not raining will take some photos with camera



Thank you for joining me on my journey in my new garden and following my post each time i post

One thought on “What’s been happen in the gardens this week”

  1. There was plenty of rain here as well last week but unlike you I didn’t do any seed sowing or repotting. Let’s hope that we get some drier and warmer weather soon so we can get out in the garden or on the plot. xx

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