What’s been happen in the gardens this week



Well I have so many seeds veg, herbs and flowers that I got myself 2 slimline contains to put them all in and it been nice to start sowing again even though my garden is not ready yet.

Well we had a lovely morning yesterday we made my first small growing bed which I sowed enorma runner beans and Bedfordshire champion Onion seeds and some flower seeds at one end.

It was so nice to be out in the garden again without any slipper snow about will be planting some of my jacket spuds that have sprouted in the potato bag not sure were yet

The first bed was made from red bricks and made two layers of them some metal things to let the runner beans climb up

seeds we scattered around the garden are

cupids dart’ corn cockle, antirrhinum majus eastern star, morning glory, rudbeckia.

And in a sliver bucket a mixture of chilli’s and sweet peppers


Well I got my jacket spuds into the green tub with out a bottom in it planted 10 in all and some lettuce on top

In the wire thing I have sowed some sugar snap peas on the inside of it so we see how that goes.


The only job I did was hire my worm bin so I can get juice out all I do is slightly tip it forward to get the worm tea out

And I cleared some more of long grass area to give the dogs more room to run around in and make a natural hedge like for the wildlife to use during the whole year


I sowed two watermelon seeds called Sugar baby never had any luck with any squashes or melons so using my window sills indoors as have not found paving slaps  that I need before putting  the greenhouse up  which I need


Yesterday I sowed 2 kinds of cucumber one lemon and one marketmore 75 and 2 kinds of courgette one lemona and one Romanesco you might think it crazy when I have not got any more beds ready in the garden and have no more window sill space left to do anymore sowing indoors   so watch this space as they say


We cleared the rest of our garden found snowdrops  and things I think are rhubarb not sure and we have 11 tress in our garden but not sure what they are as yet  I scatter some sunflowers Pastiche down the bottom end of the garden planted a handle rose near the dovecote  as well


This morning I started to make sourdough bread and giving it’s first proving of 2 hours then I will re know it about and shape it in to a round or loaf  type thing  if David likes it might be making more bread at home even if its with ready made yeast



I started weeding the rhubarb bed yesterday needs a bit more doing to it will see part of me doing it in a video

So, apologies if I turned my back on your


We see our first bumble bee and 2 ladybirds this week

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