What’s been happen in the gardens this week

Well after I put my roses in the ground  the Landlord came with his digger and helped put up our dovecote and washing whirl y gig in the ground  all I need is some new pegs for it now and turned some of my growing area up for me so I need to mark out were I would like my raised beds to go and clear the garden up from the rubbish that’s in the garden


He will do the far end in a couple of weeks, so he said

I am going to work on the left-hand side and try and deweed as I go noticed some red berries this morning as walking the dogs up the garden along with another plant, I do not know

Will take photo’s


We put the swing seat in shed until the spring with all the gales we are having at present around here. Been raining again so have not managed to do any clearing up I want to start sowing but need to clear a space first in the shed to sow some seeds

Cleared the garden up again been raining the last couple of mornings so as the sun is out, we decided it also was the day to walk the dogs this afternoon as it meant to rain for the rest of the week, and we do not walk our dogs in the rain  if we can help it unpacked my knitting bags this lunch time


The snow has melted with all the rain, but it been forecast to snow again so the tv weather folk keep saying


So, no practical designing has been down outside as yet which is a shame, but Rome was not built in a day was it.


We did the bird watch over the weekend  witch was nice  will be nice when I got my camera’s up for recording  the birds as well


I am slowly planning my garden out I think by getting the compost site and possible the greenhouse in place and sorting out my water butts where they are going to go so, I can easily water my plants when I am growing them.


It’s been snowing again so apart from feeding the birds not a lot has been happening I am afraid  in the garden or shed






Today I am going to be sowing my first seeds of 2019

Saved seeds from a supermarket stir fry mix they long ones and I am going to soak them in black tea a tip I got from Tony O’Neill from UK here we grow  on Facebook



while we were outside we made a small planter out of guttering and in it we sowed basil, coriander, some pink flowers, and some broad beans Bunyard Exhibition only my last 5 I had  and in the pots around the back garden sprinkled other flower seeds


IT fills good to be outside again

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