What’s been happen in the gardens this week

Well the house is as complete as can be now we tidied the garage/shed up, but I got to sort my side out a bit more, so I can start sowing seeds extra but hard when not a lot of light in there to start with.


Thinking of putting the roses in along this fence between our next-door neighbor going to sort his bush out as it is coming through to our garden

I will be sowing some grass seed or meadow mix

Once I found some slabs or brinks might work

Had a lovely walk round a local garden centre this morning

Before going in to Keith

It was lovely we picked up some new birdseed feeder and a fat ball one as while as the seed and fat balls

I am taking it slowly as Sean is always saying on his you tube Channel


Well it Christmas week and I still have not put my roses along the fence but will birds our enjoying the food we are putting out for them

Well the other day I opened an email to say I won a competition and had won this book it in the post as I type but took a photo of it


I will be getting from Sean James Cameron – Diary of a UK Gardener

Christmas present

quilling beginners set from David and the dogs

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