What’s been happen in the gardens this week

Well we will be moving to Scotland have not got the day yet, but local council was not able to find anywhere for us, but lucky David’s sister’s daughter was able to find us somewhere once we know more, we will let you know


I am sure the dogs will enjoy it once we are up there plus it’s a fresh start

Will be leaving family and friends behind, but we can keep in contact by phone and letters

I have not restarted packing yet ether in the garden or greenhouse or house it’s getting frustrating, we got some quotes from van hire company’s,






Well I was feeling under the weather last night so went to bed early before 6pm with a hot lemon and honey felt a little bit better we are waiting for a phone call on Friday to see if we can stay after the 5 of December but not holding much out

Raining this morning dogs not happy as will not go out in the rain especial our Hattie but never mind

Still looking

I am very happy to say we have found our new home and garden waiting for full address but it in a village just outside Keith in Scotland  the brown door


Well we packed all our items into the lorry and left arrived early ours the next morning to our new home

Still unpacking some boxes

Lovely large garden the dogs love it even found small Christmas tree type thing in garden so have put it into in a pot for now then will plant out into the garden

Yesterday David worked on the shed stroke garage one side will  be my temporary potting shed and the other side David’s and at night-time the car as well








Well that’s all for now have a blessed week

2 thoughts on “What’s been happen in the gardens this week”

  1. It’s good to see that found you somewhere , even though it’s well away from where you were. I’ve driven through Keith many years ago but don’t remember it. I hope that you get settled in and have a good Christmas and New Year. Then you can start thinking about the garden for next year. Take care. xx

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