What’s been happen in the gardens this week

Wednesday 31st of October 2018

It s our anniversary today and the dogs and David kindly got me some nice present and useful at the same time


Which I am very please with them

Went for my Asthma review yesterday which I forgot to mention


Thursday 1st of November 2018

Been a very raining day so indoor work being done like cleaning etc,

Have not been in green house so far but must still waiting on letter from the landlord but has not arrived yet.


Dogs fed up with the rain today as we do not have the door open all day like we do in the summer


Friday 2nd of November 2018

Been a lovely blue sky no rain today which nice dogs is are fine been knitting a shawl Patten in my head trying to get things of my needles if I can before take on major projects

Like cardigan for David and a friend Julie Parry

Still no news on when we will be moving out of here but will let you know in due cause.

Saturday 3rd

Grey skies this morning winter flu jabs later today I do not like needles that come with them nor the blood ones so I just close my eyes

Dogs are fine had our flu jabs then walked around the town of Swaffham picked some wool up to go with shawl and two jumpers one Christmas and a plain white one David got me a hand knitted red and white bobble hat bones for the dogs.


We both treated ourselves to a magazine each THE FIELD for David and I got Let’s knit with some wool and pamphlet with soft toy knitting patens on it like dasher.



Grey skies again  this morning  might start some knitting after breakfast on a soft toy but finish some on needles while waiting, did a small amount of cleaning up in the garden



Cleaned some more of the garden up put some pots into the greenhouse for winter and until we move pleased to say my blueberries have taken so have two more growing now

Not sure about the roes cuttings I took but they can take up to a year I believe?  And watered in their two



Blue skies at present outside not sure what we will be doing today at present David tided the craft room/spare room out   I ran out of some brown wool that I was using for Rudolph’s legs need only one more to make I will get it sorted photo


Raining at present outside apart from knitting might be resting as we worked quite hard yesterday.

Me cleaning downstairs while David did upstairs




Well done the normal coffee fed dogs put washing on line meant to be a nice day to day fingers cross as would like all the washing dry



Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Well it been raining on and off all weekend

On Saturday I made my first poppy


Fill very please with my first attempt at making one means a lot not good at crochet yet but will try soon

Dogs are fine still looking for new home and garden


Walked the dogs round the field in the afternoon


Useful way of making reusable food covers paper bin liner


mainly rested had a meeting with our link worker this afternoon and they said I should apply as well so phone up after Phil went and waiting for it to arrive now

we still slowly packing garden and home up  but not knowing when or were we will be going is making me worry a little.


Going to Dereham today   so not a lot will be done to day

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Not a lot has been happen still looking for a new home and garden which has been getting me down but hopeful things will get better


One thought on “What’s been happen in the gardens this week”

  1. It’s good to have things to do inside and outside apart from housework, especially at this time of year with dark evenings and poor weather. I hope that you get your housing sorted out soon. Take care. xx

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