What’s been happen in the gardens this week

Well I had to rest due to an infection in my eye so no gardening or anything else at present hence no post so far

Eye is still weepy, but I am getting there.

Dogs are fine a bit confused with David being home during the week days but can take them for the odd walk on the field now his arm is slowly getting better

Apart from cleaning up after the dog’s unit Monday when we know if we can stay or not in this home we currently in

But deep down I think we will have to move.


So I have not been doing a lot of gardening to be honest with you as david dose not see the point but will do a few photo’s as I pack up the garden with the plants that I would like to take to the new home.

Well we were given 14 days to try and find a new home   if not they will send the bailiffs in so praying hard we will find some were to go to soon


Well I dug up a palm bush/plant and when trimming the roots put a small clump of roots into another small pot to see if I can grow another one. And  dug up the blueberries bush only in mufti compost for now but will give it the right compost once we have moved and took a cutting to try and make another one which is in the greenhouse waiting for me to pot up in soil

Well to day o dug up my camellia and a pink rose I believe called handle

Yesterday we did some indoor packing of stuff upstairs


Well we have 12 days left before we are out of this home still not a hundred present know were we are moving to as yet I be digging up my pear and apple that I grew from seed and maybe the peach tree then I change the greenhouse round to keep it in there once we moved and found somewhere to go


I trying to leave everything with God not always easy but doing my best to take the stress away we have another meeting on Friday at 9.30 am

I put my Camilla into the greenhouse for winter will be putting my peach into the greenhouse when we move but finding a bag for it for now

Will be making leaf mould when I moved but might start now and take some in bags when we move

Well I have a composting and Facebook friend from Norwich coming to give me a hand to dig some plants and 3 trees up this afternoon

We dug up my apple and pear that I grow from seed and the rest of the roes in the back garden and two from the front garden as one has died believe it Chania Lady a yellow flower

Have a good week until  next time

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