What’s been happen in the gardens this week



Well I am just blocking Logan’s jumper before sewing it up now about to start his hat still to hot to garden at present

Hat is coming along nicely at present well it been to hot to be outside but now it is getting cooler I can at least try and weed and put a plant were the weeds were hopefully


I have some beans that grown for the first time brought from a yard sale to finish growing on but might try my own next year. I picked some yesterday there was only 5 so put in our casserole last night with a jacket spud was very nice indeed


Watch an old edible garden the other night which has given me some ideas

The rain has been very welcome for the garden  light rain this morning again must say the garden is getting slightly neglected at present  but hoping to get back on top of it soon .




It was lovely yesterday spending time in the greenhouse clearing dead plants that had died

I potted on a melon plant my other one had died, have new flowers on my indoor cucumber need to tie the one up in the front garden planted some shop brought spuds that had sprouted in to a old compost bad and fill it with straw and we will see if they grow in time for Christmas?


I been knitting hats when it been raining

Went out into the greenhouse this morning sowed two lemon basil and 2 coriander or cilantro as Americans call it  tied up an outdoor cucumber before lunch was surprised it got some fruit on it will give it a feed of organic food


Yesterday I sowed some little gem lettuce and some Christmas tree seeds not sure if they will germinate but it fun trying to see grey clouds at present having first morning coffee of the day back door is open for the dogs must try and clear up after the dogs this morning


Well managed to clean up after the dogs yesterday Monday

As David invited his ex-work mate and her daughter over for the day and I did a bit of weeding in the back garden must get to do the front garden at some point

It sunny this afternoon my leg is hurting but will try and do some think in the garden  even if it just harvesting  the plums and cleaning up after the dogs


Yesterday was our monthly garden club meeting and we are having a lovely talk about bees very interesting took some photo on my mobile just uploading them now

The things you can plant for all pollinators are poppies, lavenders,  open front flowers hollyhocks  alliums


by the way which do you like daily headings or as it is now? please and thank you


Took some time out to spend with david over this bank holiday which was nice


As much as I love my garden I am thinking of taking a step back on this plot I be emptying my compost bins as their will be lighter to stack up on top each other. For now



David and I have been talking we not getting any younger, so we think it time to look for a cottage or bungalow that allows dogs as we have 3 as you know as they will not have stairs in them.

Will be digging some things up like my mothering laws rose’s   and my apple and pear i grow from seed but it depends on whats in the new garden already  and the blueberry plant and my dead looking strawberries



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