What’s been happen in the gardens this week



Blue skies this morning talk of rain later so the weather folk say watch this space, so they say

I started to start trimming the parts the hedge cutter could not do by hand with my flower secateurs and stated looking at the plum tree that needs a small prune



Grey skies I open all the compost bins lids ready for the rain we meant to be getting as rain water is better than tap water

I soaked some rolls that had gone rock hard and gave them to the birds the black bird was the first one to visit the side feeder shortly after I put it in there.

Final finished trimming the hedge all I got to do s pick it up when next weeding


I just cut one of my comfrey plants and taken some leaves to dry ready for making powder or granules for feeding plants





The sun is out with some could at present not sure what I am doing today as yet garden wise open greenhouse  and that’s all so far

Well I have crumbled my comfrey leaves and put them back into the greenhouse to finish of drying then will put in a jar

just picked some raspberries and some peaches I do not think the peaches are quite ready so will do some Reacher on line



Well David called into the Norfolk and Norwich hospital on his way home last night as was in major pain in one of his arms since being in Queen Elizabeth Hospital 2 weeks ago

Open the greenhouse and not a lot else at present

Please to say David is home now and with strong painkillers to take


Still no rain yet got to tie up my cucumber plant in the greenhouse but have not done it yet

I have been outside into the greenhouse and potted one chilli plant, one salad pepper, and the cucumber plant I have 3 Alicante tomatoes to stake and pot up soon but running out of bamboo canes may be get them done tomorrow hopefully




i had a fall over the weekend  sore but ok

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