What’s been happen in the gardens this week





Well last night David was admitted to hospital hoping they can sort him out and stop him from being unwell, but he is in the best place, but I miss him madly

Garden wise

Apart from cleaning up from the dogs not a lot has been going on today and filling up bird baths.

Very hot and sticky a little breeze, not sure when we will get any rain fall in our region or anywhere for that matter.


Well nice blue skies again just opened the greenhouse and watered the plants

Not sure what I will be doing at present apart from another coffee I think.

Very happy to say first signs of my edible lupins are coming up so happy


We meant to be getting some rain but not sure when blue skies now


Grey skies this morning not sure what I am going to do hoping to get my motivation back

I put a cardigan on as I feel that cold still have sore throat

Made honey and lemon drink and we see how that goes

Please to say my David is back home out of hospital for now

Let’s hope he dose not have to go back in again.



My neighbour kindly trimmed my hedge last night there a little bit he could not reach but I can do that with my hand shears as he did it all from his side of the garden

It’s overcast this morning thought we were going to get some rain, but it was very fine rain and did not lead to much



I have not open my package from Bubble house worms that came to day but will shortly and take photo’s of it


Grey skies this morning some of the worms wanted out of their new home so covered them with some more soil from underneath my grass clippings  so hopeful they will start to burrow down then came up once I feed them next week





Greyish skies this morning, hoping to clear the garden up this morning as left it for 3 days now just had not the energy with in me still got the clippings to rake up as well from my kind neighbour doing the hedge for me the other night.



Blue skies this morning just waiting for David to get up, so we can have breakfast then I try and rake up the clippings.

Instead we went to Ely Cathedral which was lovely


Clean up after dogs, blue skies again washing on line

And started the raking up of the hedge clippings  as well which w

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