What’s been happen in the gardens this week



Lovely blue skies and warm went to a couple of summer fates and picked up some bargains

Then went to a Cancer Charity Bingo at the village hall and won on a full house Nail kit and some lovely smell kit with sticks that you turn each day and Raffle prize a small fruit hamper

Was nice relaxing with David even here liked the bingo 2nd time we had been the other one was in Dereham in a local school



Had a relaxing day with David making the most of these weekends now he is back at work praise God

Starting a pineapple  challenge again to see if I can grow one  it came in my raffle fruit hamper yesterday



Lovely sunshine again lots to try and do if I can still be looking for gaps where I can put some plants and as they are come and come again flowers it will be nice and hopefully keep the weeds down at the same time

Just planted a laurel purple one down the bottom off the back garden and found a rope lead while digging the hole.

Put water in the hole first then a little more on top once planted

Just potted on 3 Alicante Tomato’s I put a cut up banana skin in the bottom of the pots and see what happens

Clean up after the dogs 2 days’ worth mind.



The sun is out already open greenhouse will be opening my last bag of compost today so hopefully will get some at the weekend for starting seeds and plants I like to use my homemade for the borders but waiting for my ankle to get better before putting more pressure on.


Just planted one off my earlier rhubarbs I sowed this year


Just snipped some baby spider plants off and put in some water to start rooting of one of my mother plants have 3 mother plants and will have to do the same to them soon

Just washed some pots up from plants that were not growing after potting on so will put them under the potting bench ready for when I do some more trying to clear the plants I have first.




Lovely blue skies again already opened the greenhouse think I will go and do some planting in the front garden before it gets to hot lots planed

Planted two comfrey plants,  some Zinnias, and one the other side some lupins and larkspur plants  ground is rock hard nearly did my hand in digging the hole




I had a few changes in the greenhouse this morning and might sow some seeds in the morning as getting tied  plus hands starting to hurt from earlier when planted some plants out




Blue skies again greenhouse open got one or two things to pot on today might film in their or just take photo’s we will see just hosed down the greenhouse and misted all the plants got my first flower on one of my cucumbers in the greenhouse






Well it a bit cooler this morning so got back door closed at present greenhouse opened watered the front pots and my newly planted plants to give them a chance


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