This weeks going on in the gardens



Late Sunday afternoon potted on 17 CHRSTHEMUM EASTERN STAR


Swept the greenhouse out after all the potting on I had down yesterday and two days sowed 5 more things

Lavender, Bulls Blood Beetroot, Parsnips, Swiss Chard AND Rhubarb. In a long 5 six cell trays will take photo in morning




Replenished the bird feeds this morning and filled one bird bath up as well it meant to be a bit cooler today after the rain has stop only light rain at present


Just had lunch crackers and cheese and sowed some purple zinnias as well in a small pot ideal for the insects around.



Well the postman dropped a lovely card in through the door from a friend on Facebook and within the card I had Unwin’s Calendula , Godetia, cottage garden Campanula, Aster Dwarf  


Well we have blue skies at present with white clouds

Not sure what I am going to be doing today at present apart from watering in  the greenhouse and putting curtain over mt strawberry’s 


IDEAL to make on a summers day

taking it easy between jobs  and drinking plenty

I picked some rhubarb and cooked it and blitz it then realize I have no lollies makers as I was going to make ice lollies





Lovely blue skies this morning getting warm already I think I am going to go through the items I put in the top part of the freezer to start to germinate later some time ago

Having first coffee of the morning feed dogs, washing on the line went out with David this morning and brought a long tray that holds water for my plants like a gravel tray and potted on 11 lupins Band of Nobles




Watered the strawberry’s in the late

afternoon mainly rested as well had a few appointment’s during the day



Will be putting food out for the birds soon grey skies at present

Rested most of the day



Went out to see David’s parents and on the way home picked up a ginger mint and peppermint plants will be taking cuttings for a friend in London and in due cause some for the garden club plant stall photos soon

About to pot on 15 purple loosestrifes (Lythrum salicaria)

I normal find these hard to grow but this year fine at present


Photo included in movie coming up shortly

Monday and Tuesday

Had appointments all day Monday so not a lot got done in the way of gardening but today Tuesday I filmed the front garden and greenhouse going to do the back shortly

After a coffee but did clean up after the dogs









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