Whats happen this week

Monday (Bank Holiday)


Well we visited David’s parents and did a bit of shopping

And come hope and after coffee come lunch I will start some of my potting on but might do it in the garden as it too hot for me to do it in the greenhouse.

I potted on some sweet peas that I had in the kitchen



Opened the lids on my composts 6 in all and one wormery waiting to get started when I can get a starter kit as my worms are hiding at present.


I painted Vitax tree grease to my fruit trees this afternoon



Well we had a good downpour last night and it slowly helping fill up my water butt as well filled a can up to water all the things in the greenhouse will be going in to pot on some melons and some flowers larkspur I think.

Having a coffee first,

Just potted on 5 melon and 11 larkspurs so far and 2 Greek oregano then came in for lunch which was a cheese and pickle roll and a bacon packet of crisps and a cappuccino made by David.

Just potted on one mint and 2 spider plants this afternoon






The skies are greyish this morning and have plans for more potting on this morning after breakfast hopefully will be doing some planting out and got some edible lupins to sow 2 different kinds (Lupin Dieta) (Lupin Haags blue) doing an experiment for Garden Organic and 2 other things as I do the trails I tell you about them



Just potted on one of my rhubarb seedlings variety gaskins perpetual rhubarb

This afternoon I potted on 9 pink buttercup  ( Clarkia ),11 Celery Giant Red

8 Coriander plants

Sweep up after compost falling on the floor

So that 28plants potted on today and only half a new bag of compost used I am sieving each time I use it found one or two bits of plastic inside but not going to complain do not fill so bad myself when I accidently get some in own homemade compost

Just planted some more sweet peas in square footbed


It’s my birthday

It grey skies at present we going out this morning to Dereham and I have some birthday money to spend will show you all later what I brought.


I brought Johnsons PEA (MANGETOUT NORLI)

Dionaea (fly trap)


But could not find a potting tray so I have to keep using my cat litter tray not that we have cats only dogs.


Well we have light rain this morning which I am sure  all the gardens are grateful for, one of the jobs I would like to do today is the front edging if I can and some more potting on this time I can add some perlite to the compost this time round

Well I just potted on 32 wallflowers (Scarlet Bedder)


Well raining slightly this morning some feeders need filling

Just washed some pots ready for new plants to go into running out of gravel trays or containers that I can put my new seedings into once their come out of the cell trays

Some will be going to our flower show in a couple of weeks making sure everything is label properly as it a night mare for folk who are not sure what the plant is

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