A Week in the gardens

Sunday, I planted two marigolds this morning where I dug up the weeds yesterday before moving on to doing more weeding I have already a purple coneflower Echinacea in this border already and planted yesterday Mountain of the summer in here as well as Geranium with pink flowers


I put some trailing plants in my 3 planters on the wall which are labella hopefully I spelt it right

Now having coffee before going out to weed up to purple coneflower Echinacea.


And have moved a gooseberry bush as well



Yesterday a friend called round in the afternoon and gave me some Red Cucumber seeds which I have never had before so will try this and might share some to.

Plan for today is putting compost on new border  then some more weeding.









Well last night we nipped to a couple of villages a way to pick up a proper water but without its lid so I might put some wire over to stop the leaves falling in or some curtain not sure as yet


Might do some potting on in the greenhouse this morning as I have some that need to be done and might add some more compost on to new border as well




I potted on 10 watercress plants this morning and made the labels this afternoon after visiting a friend’s daughters sport day




A bit chilly this morning  grey skies will try and do some more potting on after breakfast



Just been and watered the raised bed yes before breakfast hubby still in bed about to feed the birds down to seed mix at present out off fat balls currently dogs a sleep on sofa and their own beds


I have taken the plunge and got one of the very first wormery as it does not have door for opening to get castings out

you put paper in the bottom of it to help the castings not go through to the worm tea that they make which is liquid Gold so I have been told




Well the sun is out which is nice still got lots to do but getting their slowly

Just feed the birds with seed mix


Rested until the afternoon as was out at garden club witch the talk was and slide show a year on a market garden which was done by Rosie Ward

We had the normal plant stall but I did not buy any as still finding homes for the plants still waiting to be planted



Well we had the rain last night and I had left all my compost lids off as rain water is better than the tap water

And replaced the lids this morning will be turning my round tumble compost later.


While out shopping we got 2 more bags of compost a new one for me will take photo when go into greenhouse next when closing it up last night notice I got melon germinated  first year of growing I keep you posted




I have managed to plant some more plants out the front and back garden this morning just need to water them in some came with no names and have not managed to find out what they are called as yet.

I planted some dwarf beans (Purple Queen) in one square this afternoon and a mixture of sunflower’s (Sunburst mixed) and Shasta Daisy (Alaska)

And placed straw round my strawberry’s in containers as well.




Well today I meant to be resting so I took a snapshot of back and front gardens and greenhouse and potted up two strawberry plants


have a good week until next time

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