Tidy greenhouse





Well it was nice yesterday of David to help clean the greenhouse for me.



Today he kindly moved the back and front grass which needed doing all I got to do is edge the side of the grass been planting some more plants


One of the plants I planted today was an Amethyst Dream it’s a member of the coneflower family it just coming into flower this come from Mr google .com


I planted two cucumber and a sunflower this morning in my raised bed and 9 sweetcorn in the middle we will see if any come up have 3 more squares to fill


I planted the lungwort in the back garden and 2 pots of Lilly of the valley in the front garden on the side border just before tea

David brought a solar lighthouse we hoping it will work if not it be going back to the shop he also got me some more blubs taken photos so will be on video later

Pleased to say it did work will try and get a photo tonight


Well I planted two containers up today

1 with 3 Dahlia top mix mixed and the 2nd on with 3 Lilium Oriental Mixed plus 25 Anemone De Caen Mixed

So, looking forward to seeing them when they come up still waiting to make my mind up were to plant some more bulbs


I am following Sean from a You Tube channel little and often

At present.



Well we have blue sky’s this morning and the sun is trying to come out a bit cold but will warm up soon I hope still have some plants to plant and labels to write for them.


If you remember last year had some lovely wildflowers but the landlord did not approve of them so they had to go so this year I am only planting perennial plants and bulbs so hopefully I will not get asked to remove them this year and trying no dig with this border as well apart from the planting hole of cause some might self-seed which will be nice.


Well we got a lovely bargain in one off our local supermarket’s they were selling a selection box of different plants for £2.50 each so two were only £5.00 so 2 jumped into our trolley photos to come in video soon



Blue skies sun doing its best to come out so weeding will be on the menu and planting of cause





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