Bank holiday Monday

Tried to sit in the shade on the swing seat but way to hot I put my wigwam back up and will be planting some sweet peas not sure what colour flowers I will have as were given to us plus have grown some myself meant to be multicolour.


Put my grid back for seeing how much I can sow in a square

Please to say the wigwam fits into just one square very happy about that planted the sweet peas once the sun went down a bit .


I have just sowed Pak choy which you can harvest as baby leaves or thin out for bigger plants in the square foot raised bed

Potted on 6 cornflowers called The Bride (bees and butterfly’s love them)

Put some more soil in one of my containers of strawberry’s

Done a bit of weeding so I could pot of snow drops in plus thinking it needs edging again before I try and do anymore weeding or planting of any kind


Will we called in to new friends on the way back from shopping and apart from 6 strawberry plants come home 4 new plants



Geum, commonly called avens, is a genus of about 50 species of rhizomatous perennial herbaceous plants in the rose family, widespread across Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, and New Zealand. Wikipedia



As I find out the names I let you know

Rose Campion





London Pride


Strswflowers which are like daisy’s




did a bit more weeding on the hedge border in the back garden and planted some Cornflowers called The Bride

then rested as a friend called for a couple of hours

planted London Pride and Rose Campion in the front garden border



Well it rained first thing this morning I am sure all the plants are very welcome to that plus gives me time to rest a bit

I have just potted on 6 sweet peas and put them in the greenhouse and stood them in water along with my strawberry’s that I have not planted out as yet  but will


I just potted on a garden mint and put in a sliver bucket and hanged it by the back door



Last night David brought home after his appointment some bird seed and fat balls for the garden birds the sun is out this morning which is good not sure what I am doing this morning garden wise

We went out in the afternoon to Fakenham which was nice

Made a nice change for us 2

We did our normal thing over the weekend like shopping visiting David’s parents on Saturday and I made a hanging basket with Strawberries and lettuce and hopefully tomato coming out off the top

Enjoy your weekend









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