Well we have had lovely weather over the last couple of days and yesterday I managed to do some planting of bulbs and de weeded the Asparagus container and cut two which were a bit long and top up with compost.


I also weeded the narrow border and that is where I planted the blubs which were the following 2 Dahlia Copper (Dahlia decorative) 2 African Lily (Agapanthus Africanus)

And finally, Gladioli Parroy (Gladiolus) so should look nice when there come up later

I also potted up the Orchid into a new pot with Orchid Compost.

We were given 2 gnomes witch we still have not given names two as yet but thinking of Bill and Ben after the TV show the FLOWER POT MEN as they hold some flower pots in each of their hands.



Today at Bradenham football club their hold an outside car boot sale so apart from some bouncy balls for the dogs we all so got 14 Cambridge strawberry plants and this afternoon I re potted the outside Pegues strawberry’s I had just planted the new ones in green containers and they were in beige container

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