What Happen Next

Well I am hoping not to get peach curl this year I might not be able to get the store brought remedies but if their some thing homemade I can make up that works it be nice

Here is how it looks now just coming into bud, I believe I can not prune it yet

peach tree

And my plum also waiting to be prune


plum tree

I only got one plum last year not sure why

so I am not confident in pruning but will have a go


hopeful will not get peach curl this year .


This a new tray after Chocolate dog broke my last one  and here is a new mug that came today


Gots lots of garden things on it

M2E73L213-213R382B320 Best photo the trail cam took yesterday


As I look outside I need to make sure next year I have a few more flowers for this time of year got lots to sow but it getting round to it  at present

enjoy your Easter break  and come again soon


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