Well I turn my raised bed into a square foot bed and we will see how that goes this season I have 9 square inch holes to plant in when it stops raining I take a photo of it needs filling up still.





I have started to fill it up but we had some snow since hence I have not been able to go out and take another photo

Took this one from back door a couple of days ago my seedlings do not seem to be showing their heads on the kitchen window sill










Just been out to greenhouse and looks like most of my plants need to be put on compost heap mined is a cold greenhouse so no heating at present will have to get some bubble wrap or fleece I think for next winter did not take photo of greenhouse


Just looked at rhubarb but no sign of germination  as yet might end up buying some plugs  we will have to wait and see

My kind friend Rekha Mistry for kindly send me some comfrey roots which arrived this morning   https://www.facebook.com/rekhagardenkitchen/

Will take photos when I plant them outside in the ground .


BLUE POPPY (2) Growing very slowly

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