A morning in the back garden

Well I have wanted to try and get out side but it so cold that my kind caring husband has said no but I would like to at least try and get the dog messy clean up it looks horrible and not nice at all.

I am way behind on the things that I normal do in the garden winter clearing and getting the garden for spring and things like that.

I am hoping that he gives me a hand at the weekend at least.



Today I sowed some seeds

Yellow salad pepper


Pickling cucumber

And a hardy yellow flower and placed them in my propagator


00623-pk-p1 (1)

It called Coreopsis early sunrise given to by Marian on Facebook


The wind blows the top of our canopy of the Swing seat






The canopy can stay off until we mend it now plus I can re stain the seat



I just potted on 2 strawberry runners  down at the bottom of the garden have taken photo with trail cam so will upload later




blessing and happy gardening

One thought on “A morning in the back garden”

  1. It’s good to do some gardening at this time of year. The weather looks like turning really wintry again so I think that we’ll be stuck indoors again for a while.
    Thanks, and to you too. xx


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