Well it been very wet and dump over the last month or so, yesterday managed to start the massive task of clearing the garden from the 3 dogs going to have to get something so I am bending so much like the horse folk use when cleaning up after the horses in the field.

I took some cuttings of my borage plant yesterday that had fallen over in the pot out side the front door each time I think of taking photos it rains or snows at present, I am sharing David ‘s small blue camera at present as Chocolate boy broke my red one I still have trail cam to use

And must try and prune my fruit trees hoping not to get peach curl this year again.

David will not let me dig it up as I feel it’s a waste of space if I am not going to get any fruit from it

I can not get tree grease or tree wash for my bushes and tree’s

Have not been in the greenhouse as it been to cold and afraid if I water in low temps I kill my plants so late in sowing anything at present for this year


On Saturday we managed to get some rubbish moved from the front side garden like an old BBQ that we did not use any more still need to tidy the area up and prune the mixture of brambles and grapevine and honeysuckle flower.


It’s cold to day 12/2/2018 Monday but the sun is out hoping to get some more cleaning of dog mess clean and some update in photos done for the blog done as well


2 thoughts on “WHAT HAPPEN NEXT”

  1. As you say it’s been far too cold and wet to do any gardening recently. I don’t think that it’s late to start sowing seeds as they’ll do better once it’s lighter and warmer. Take care. xx

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