What’s been happening in the garden and greenhouse


This garlic we got at the weekend and I seen so many folks try a shop brought one I thought I would have a go to if it works then I will get some more going to try growing in a pot in the greenhouse unless I try

it in a pot but outside










Well since I started writing this we have had Christmas and New Year come and go I have taken Knitting up again and made a knitted bunny called Herb now making his wife called Rosemary





The colours will be red, green and pink on Rosemary

And have a scarf or making of a memory blanket in progress


Once I clean the garden up it quite wet out side and have to clean up from the dogs as well and empty a couple of compost bins to put on the current beds I have at present try and do it on my own but if not get David to give me a hand at the weekend.

up to Mischief

Dogs are fine as normal they enjoyed having David home with us for the Christmas week

When I can have the back door open I do just to have some fresh air come through the downstairs

Please come again next time

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