What’s been happening


Well I been slowly getting my mojo back in gardening and card making

Still find it hard my eyes are slowly getting worse I think something is straight but is not that includes the borders as well as anything else I am doing at the moment


Dogs are fine as always


They do their best to keep me smiling when I am down it helps going back to church as it’s the only time I meet anyone as I do not do any of the care homes now I miss them both badly but it time to move on as they say.


The other month I got these seeds free with a magazine called (Clarkia) pink buttercups and Perfect for pollinators. sow indoors March to May and outdoors March to April

So, depending how many seeds I might do both next season.

Got to get new batteries for my trail cam as today it had not taken any photos.




well hoping to do better next time around when using the trail cam





One thought on “What’s been happening”

  1. It’s good to see that you’ve got your mojo back. I’m sorry to read about yours eyes but I won’t worry if the border edges are a bit wavy rather than straight. That’s a nice picture of the dogs. Clarkia are lovely flowers, and sowing both indoors and outside is a good idea. Take care. xx

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