What’s been happening

What’s been happening

Well I have been full of cold again and it been raining so no photos taken I need to clean the greenhouse up again took a tomato plant that full of flowers, my strawberry’s look dead I take a photo next time I take a camera in the greenhouse.

Dogs our fine our Bess will be six this month and the other 2 will be 8

By Christmas

My mojo comes and goes

We dogged the rain and mowed the grasses back and front gardens

Yesterday afternoon my to do list is getting longer by the minute

Fruit tress need pruning, front border need dewweding and planting up again I left it since the weed killer   was put on a couple months ago

Still got a plant to plant out put it in another pot but not in the ground where it should be hopefully I get their soon and sowing some more flower seed that come from my dear friend Marina Wilson on Facebook praying I keep my mojo as we turn into the winter season

2 thoughts on “What’s been happening”

  1. I hope that you feel better soon. It’s the time of year when both the garden and us begin to wind down for the winter, although as you say there’s still lot’s to do.
    I think we all find that our mojo comes and goes through the winter but we’ll soon be looking forward to spring again. xx

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