Well been quite busy




Well during the week, I do some gardening and crafts but were I need help for in the garden then I wait for David at the weekends he is around I try not to get him to do to much as he in constant pain with Mr Kidney.


This one just gone we mowed the grass back and front took a tree down to open the garden more up, looks good will take photo’s soon to add to this post.


One of the programme’s both David and I have been watching is this one http://www.channel4.com/programmes/craft-it-yourself

On last one they show you different crafts as well as turn a bland room it a bright and nice room well one of the crafts they were making homemade soap and I thought how lovely to be able to make and give a small homemade gift of soap to family and friends,

So, David is kindly going to get me a kit first to see how I get on with it plus when he was talking to his mum she kindly hinted she would like one when I made one for Christmas.


Back to the gardens now, unfortunately the dogs had all my apples this year and pest had most of my cabbages, but we have had some raspberry’s but I did pick all my pears as read some were that they get readier to eat if picked and put a tomato or banana with then

David hinted he would like red cabbage for me to grow to put in homemade coleslaw and red onion which I do not have in my stash of veg seeds as just checked have white ones and white onions seeds.


Dogs are fine as always had small harvest with some crops


Will have a look to see what I would like to sow plant this fall season but that will be another post


Yesterday I made for tonight’s pudding Key lime pie recipe from



I only have the cream and dusting of lime zest to put on the top it this morning as chilled it overnight in the fridge last night.



Happy growing, crafting until next time

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