Well a bit of a mixture

Well we had thunder and lightning last night, glad David mowed the grasses back and front last night

So, we will not have to do that at the weekend now.

I been bringing in the raspberries as I spot them we been adding them to ether our breakfast or ice-cream in the evening after tea

So far, we have had 3 auberge’s one green and 2 purples one courgetti a round one never grown it before only had one small fruit so far at present might move outside but still leave in its pot but let it climb over the side bed hoping the birds will leave it along? or compost heap?


As it in the greenhouse at present.


Tomatoes slowly fruiting but not going red at present not sure why still looking for homes in the garden for my small rhubarb plants got some spider plants in their as well running out of room indoors for them but I might find some where for them.


Will be planting acer plant in back border shortly having my third coffee first then as it out the back the dogs can come with me I have too that will just lay but one will want to play with his stick or ball all the time.


Still got the edging to do I started to edge but did not get to picking the edging bits that need to come up out.


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