Well it stops a lot of items going to landfill site and not many of us can afford a brown bin

brown bin

As you see being used here and what when you think of the price off them and shop bought compost these day here are my own bins below





The photo above is compost tea juice that comes out the bottom of this one I have an oblong container and a round one to collect the juices


Have 2 of these one is empty but fits nicely over my round ones as there are smaller than this one so gives double heat to the bin inside



open pile compost


compost Aerator




Two in back garden


Plus knowing that you can put your own home-made compost back on your own garden beds and knowing you have only taken a few steps to do it without buying it from the local store or used petrol to collect it.

Mixing browns and greens together and cutting it up small also helps or chopping it up and keep moist.

as the worms only have small mouths

when I know it going to rain I open my bin lids as natural rain is better than a hose pipe or water from the tap

enjoy your gardens and keep composting until next time

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